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A Personal Message From Dr. Judi

"I am a wife of 33 years, the mother of children ages 10 to 32, and the grandmother of my beautiful granddaughter. I was raised knowing nothing about herbs or natural health care. As my children grew and had continual health issues I got to a point where I was going to the medical doctor at least once a week. I was thinking there had to be a better way.
I knew God had to have a purpose for the things that grew around us
so I began my voyage in Naturopathy.
Naturopathy is based on the belief that God has designed the human body with the ability to heal itself, if it is given the appropriate internal and external environment. Stirred Water Herbs is here to help you create that environment and take control of your health."

About Naturopathy

Dr. Judi is a Doctor of Naturopathy with a degree from Trinity College of Natural Health. She also holds a Master of Science in Iridology  from Trinity College. She has studied under Natural Health Educator Shonda Parker and has received the following certifications: 

  • Board Certified - American Assoc. of Drugless Practitioners

  • Certified Family Health Educator

  • Certified Clinical Herbalist

  • Certified Women’s Health Educator

About Stirred Water Herbs

You have found a Christian owned business which strives to provide you with the best vitamins and herbs available. We look hard for great quality so you don't have to. We also work hard to keep the cost down to prove that treating yourself or your family naturally doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Our concern is your health, not our bottom line. We are dedicated to serving others as God intended.....NATURALLY!

May God bless you through our family owned business and may you come to know the Creator more fully as you experience the best health you possibly can!
-Dr. Judi
John 5:6

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