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Iridology is the science of analyzing the markings and structures of the iris in the eye.
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An Iridology Evaluation helps identify strengths and weaknesses within organs, glands and tissues. Tendencies toward tissue irritation and inflammation may be seen. Iridology can also help recognize imbalances in nervous system, circulatory system, and connective tissue weakness.


Some possible outcomes:

  • How to identify the genetic strengths and weaknesses with organs, glands, and tissues.

  • Tendencies toward tissue irritation and inflamation

  • How to find the potential ability of an organ's reaction in the presence of illness

  • Discernment of familial patterns of illness including digestive issues, blood sugar tendencies, blood anomalies, and heart issues

  • How to locate potential nervous system imbalances, spinal subluxations, circulatory disturbances, connective tissue weakness, and more

To schedule your Evaluation, please phone us today at (518) 929-8228

"For thousands of years, the iris has been examined to determine potential deficiencies and health issues in the body. Every human optic nerve contains 800,000 to 1.7 million nerve fibers' endings. These nerves connect our eyes to the brain and continue down the spinal cord connecting to every organ and gland  in our body." - Trinity School

Judi Ryan has earned a
Master of Science in Iridology

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