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Do you have a health concern (or several) that
you'd like to approach naturally, but you're
unsure where to start?  Perhaps there are concerns
about the safe use of herbs in conjunction with 
proscribed medicines your doctor has given you.

I am available for herbal health consultations, which
simply means that together we will look at your situation
from a place of the whole person, rather than just dealing
with present symptoms. We'll spend between one and two hours together, and 
begin with a review of your completed intake questionnaire. This helps me develop a clear picture of you, your overall health, and your vision of a healthier you.  From this consultation will come a personalized and
specific plan for your strengthening and healing journey.

You may want to bring a notebook or pad since we often dive right into the discussion and some herbal terminology may be new to you.  Sometimes we may find it useful to coordinate things with your primary care physician, and I'm also happy to recommend referrals to other healthcare professionals if the need arises.

Consultations are scheduled by calling me at 518-929-8228.


Once completed please email to

A one-hour consultation is $75; one-half hour is $30. A sliding scale is available upon request. Note: An Online (Skype, Zoom, etc.) Consultation option is being prepared; watch this space for details.

So let's begin our journey together to a healthier, stronger, happier you. On the

next page, you'll find individual page illustrations of my Intake Questionnaire,

which you'll need to have completed before you meet with me.

I know - it's ten pages long! But don't let that faze you; most won't apply and you can just skip right over those areas. 

Simply use "Step 1" on the next page to print a copy of the form.  Fill it out as best you can, and either mail it to me or bring it with you to our first get-together.

I'm looking forward to your success as we work together.

- Judi



"If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame."

- Proverbs 18:13

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